I am slightly obsessed with reindeer. Well, maybe that’s the wrong expression. I am fascinated by them.

The Sami Tribe Reindeer under the midnight sun, A special moment I caught at 2am in Lapland. #midnightsun #24hoursun #samipeople #Finland #majestic #travel #arcticcircle #unforgettablemoments

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My whole life I have imaged them as the cute, cuddly, nice, flying friends that help Santa deliver presents to all the good boys and girls. Now, having seen them in real life, and even eating them, as they are a stable of Norwegian cuisine, I am no less mystified.

Reindeer herding with the #samipeople #Norway #snowmobile #filming

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Sure, sure, I didn’t actually see them fly around or anything, but they obviously only do that when they need to and when Santa asks. So it really does make sense, they’re not always flying from one fjord or park to another. Obviously.