Soak in the Mesmerizing Beauty of the Arctic


I’ll be honest, I kind of didn’t know we could even go to the Arctic. I didn’t know that the arctic circle extended downwards for a decent amount of area, and I had never really given the area a second thought.

Imagine my surprise when my partner told me he had just gotten tickets for us to Svalbard, and that we were going to the most northern most city in the world. Flights being cheaper than ever, and through a clever trick with his SAS reward points, we were off to explore.

Let the adventure begin! @russ_wildlife and I leave in a few hours on the MS Freya with high hopes of abundant wildlife sightings and favorable weather! @naturalworldsafaris #svalbard #arctic #norway #longyearbyen #spitzbergen #shannonwild #snow #wildlifephotography #WildlifePhotographer

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It was quiet, cold, and beautiful. I got to dog sled with Svalbard Huskey, and go on a cruise to see some stunning fjords and glaciers. Also getting to visit a old Russian mining town that was till in operation today.

The Arctic is beautiful. I came in it with no expectations, so there is nothing I was particularly looking forward to, which might have made it even better.


Other Arctic cities also include Lofoten, Tromso – the Paris of the North, Alta, and Kirknes, where you will find some of the best spots to chase the northern lights and some interesting options to stay in the Ice and Snow hotels in Norway. Check it out for yourselves!