Step into Norway’s own Blue Lagoon


Jostedalen never falls to amaze us with it’s valley, lakes, and glaciers. I surely thought there was a misnomer initially with the blue lagoon. I mean, everyone knows it’s in Iceland, but much to my surprise, and hopefully yours, there is another one to explore!


Now, this doesn’t happen every year and it is not a permanent fixture, BUT it is good news because that means there is always evolving, constantly change gorgeous scenery to see. Like the snow and ice hotels in Alta and Kirkenes are built fresh every winter for those who venture to the arctic via their own excursions or with Hurtigruten.


During the cold winter it is possible to explore the caves at the front of the glacier Nigardsbreen and we highly recommend this unique sightseeing activity. Who doesn’t love a good glacier walk?


Norway really has it all. Come see for yourself and let us know what adventures you’ve experienced!