Norway’s own little version of top gear- race around like a pro in Egersund


Ever want to live out your top gear fantasy and be a pro race car driver for a little bit? Well here you go!

Once you’re done with all that sightseeing, over the fjords, tired of the mountains, maybe nature just isn’t doing it for you anymore. No, no, of course I am kidding, this would NEVER happen. BUT, maybe you want to say you’ve gotten to drive around in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, navigating their twisty, windy roads, and pushing your car and driving skills to the limit. Come spend an afternoon behind the wheel of these cars and take out all that aggression you have for the tour bus operators that won’t stop at the place you want to take photos!

Again, kidding, all Norwegian tour opoerators are lovely that I have run into so far. Sometimes they even take us on troll hunts through the woods.