Sometimes on road trips the driving can get a bit repetitive. Places are far and the scenery all starts to blend together. In Norway, that just isn’t the case. Passing through beautiful fjords, being enchanted by cute cabins, and driving on some very zig zaggy mountains.


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Case and point the video above. Already known as one of the most dangerous roads in the world, it is also an extremely entertaining (or scary) depending on how you look at it, to drive!

Officially becoming a national tourist route in 2012, Trollstigen can see up to 2,500 vehicles driving on it a day. A great mountain drive including 11 hairpin turns.

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Driving around Norway is one of the top highlights of the country and I couldn’t be a bigger advocate for it.

Another road you might be interested in for your road trip is the Atlantic Road, where the lanes curve upwards and you drive through the waves. Something you don’t see everyday.