Spotlight on Bergen: Gateway of the Western Fjord Region


Bergen holds a special place in my heart and in Norway. It just simply a city that has everything you’re looking for.

Often, if people are short on time, we recommend Bergen. If there is only ONE place to go, go to this city. For a more complete overview of the city, check it out here.

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The shorthand is that it is a cosmopolitan city, that is still walk able and easy to explore. There is one of the best fish markets in the county, a great music scene, 7 hills for walking for a better overlook, and well, it’s fjord cruise central.

Being the city that leads to the number one rated National Geographic destination, it has a lot to live up to, and Bergen doesn’t let it’s visitors down. Whether you’re in town just to head on the cruises, as part of Norway in a Nutshell, or exploring through the country, take some time out to enjoy this UNESCO city.

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