If there was one cruise to go on to see Norway, it would be the Hurtigruten. An old mail ship that still runs up and down the coast of Norway, getting into all the small nooks and crannies of the country, often not seen by the majority of people, it truly is a spectacular way to travel. One of the top highlights of Norway.


Now, if you’re obsessed with the Northern Lights, and really, who isn’t, you might think about leaving it to the pros to help you track them down. Remember these explorers take great pride in their work and know the best cities, time of the year, and conditions to see the magical lights.

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Some of the most popular destinations to see the lights, and a good starting point for the cruise, or excursion if you’re not planning on sailing the entire Hurtigruten route, are Tromso, the Paris of the north and the vibrant artistic city of Alesund.

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If you’re daring, you might explore with the crew all the way up to Svalbard in the arctic!