Experience Briksdalsbreen- Untouched Nature at it’s Purest


Increasingly popular on our radar is the Briksdalsbreen portion of the larger Jostedalsbreen glacier.

Part of the Sogn of Fjordan region, half way between the stunning cities of Bergen and Alesund, this area is truly in the nooks and crannies of the western fjord region.


Briksdalsbreen. Photo: foilistpeter, Flickr.com
Briksdalsbreen. Photo: foilistpeter, Flickr.com

Norwegians who fly in and out of this area for work, often on the oil rigs, still are amazed at it’s beauty each time. I have it on some good authority that some of them try to sneak pictures on the helicopter flight, which is a bit of a no no for safety measures.

That’s how pretty this region is!