Best Hikes and Views in Besseggen


Norway is a land of many treasure. Great food, the most stunning fjords, and fun activities from dog sledding to chasing the northern lights.

Besseggen! Det klassiske bildet med Gjende og Bessvatnet på hver sin side av eggen. Litt skjelven, men mest glad på dette tidspunktet 🙂 #besseggen #jotunheimen #jotunheimenrundt #fjelltur

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However, when you talk about highlights of the country, we really have to talk about hikes and mountains. Everywhere is beautiful, but from the video above you can see why Besseggen is special.

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Once again National Geographic is recognizing Norway and has rate the Besseggen Ridge in the Jotunheimen Mountains one of the best and most thrilling hikes in the world by National Geographic.

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