Base Jumping- Over Norway’s Iconic Landscapes


Having the courage to jump off mountains, cliffs, planes. I don’t think it’s for me. I have problems just staying perfectly still on anything super high up.

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Evidently these rock stars of the video above not only have no problem with it, but are taking it to the next level, jumping off and around some of the most beautiful places in Norway and falling with all sorts of style and grace.


I’m eyeing jumps over Pulpit Rock, around the Geirangerfjord, probably off Kjerag and I had to stop watching all at once because I was getting a little dizzy.

A quick look at the best pictures from Voss’ extreme sports week shows that these guys are not alone on the adrenaline mission.

Standing at the exit point and about to leap. 📷Roger Brendhagen. #Voss #ekstremsportveko16 #norway #base #basejumping

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