While many of the younger generation of Norwegians speak English in some part, the farther away from the cities you are, the higher the chances are that this will be less common. Hence it is always a good idea to learn a few phrases to get you by.

At the very least, a small part of me hopes the effort is appreciated and a sign of interest in their beautiful country.

Now if you don’t have the time or patience to run out to grab a rosetta stone norwegian disc, here is a little cheat sheet you can save onto your phone, iPad, computer, or on this site, to reference when needed.

Helpful trick, if you have this saved, you can also just show them your phone with the Norwegian phrase, and I am positive that should work as well. If you happen to memorize them and learn the language, I tip my hat off to you; you are far ahead of the game.

General words

Yes = Ja
No = Nei
Thank you = Takk
You’re welcome = Vær så god
Please = Vær så snill
Excuse me = Unnskyld meg
Hello = Hallo
Goodbye = Ha det
I do not understand = Jeg forstår ikke
How do you say this in Norwegian? = Hvordan sier man dette på norsk?

Norwegian Phrases

Transport – so I can see more of the country

Where is …? = Hvor er …?
How much is the fare? = Hvor mye koster billetten?
One ticket to …, please. = En billett til …, takk.
Train = Tog
Bus = Buss
Norwegian Subway, Underground = T-bane
Airport = Flyplass
Train station = Jernbanestasjon
Bus station = Busstasjon
Are there any vacancies for tonight? = Er det noe ledig for i natt?
No vacancies = Alt opptatt.

Shop talk

Local crafts
Knickknacks to take home from your trip. Photo: Signe Karin, Flickr.com

How much does this cost? = Hvor mye koster dette?
What is this? = Hva er dette?
I’ll buy it. = Jeg kjøper det.
I would like to buy … = Jeg vil gjerne ha …
Do you have … = Har du …
Do you accept credit cards? = Tar dere kredittkort?

Numbers- to count down your vacation

one = en
two = to
three = tre
four = fire
five = fem
six = seks
seven = sju
eight = åtte
nine = ni
ten = ti

Let’s make a date

Norwegian ancient calendar
Old Stave Calendar Photo: mararie, Flickr.com

Day = Dag
Week = Uke
Month = Måned
Year = År
Monday = mandag
Tuesday = tirsdag
Wednesday = onsdag
Thursday = torsdag
Friday = fredag
Saturday = lørdag
Sunday = søndag
Today = I dag
Yesterday = I går
Tomorrow = I morgen

Help me, I’m a tourist

Norwegian Tourist Information = Turistinformasjon

Norway trolls
Troll crossing. Some signs are universal. Photo: Jose Hernandez, Flickr.com

Museum = Museum
Bank = Bank
Norwegian police station = Politistasjon
Hospital = Sykehus
Store, Shop = Butikk
Restaurant = Restaurant
Church = Kirke
Restrooms = Toalett

Undearneath is a reference for pronunciation of how the sounds of the vowels not found in the English alaphabet are used.

  • Æ as in mad
  • Ø as in hurt
  • Å as in ball

    Norwegian keyboard
    Vowels I’ve never seen.

Daunting but doable! What I personally did was learn how to say: Yes. No. Thank you, and the days of the week. Oh, I almost forgot, I did learn the word for wine as well (vin), and I added in A LOT of smiling when speaking. To my knowledge, no one hates me yet and hopefully they even think I’m just a really happy person. Good luck!

What other words do you think are important to know when visiting a new country? Let us know below!