Extreme Sports Week in Voss ended the first week of this month and we have a recap of all the best pictures!

For the 18th time, people from all over came to participate, watch and cheer on the participants of Ekstremsportveko. This festival includes activities such as kayakling, kite surfing, rafting, skydiving, base jumping, paragilding, longboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking and more. The idea is to represent the elements of nature- water, air, and land.

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Could you stay on a board all the way down the mountian?

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I wonder if you get a headrush from being upside down like that


Click the image below for the video through the water!


You’ve got this!


I think they might need some fresh air


Next two are videos of the kayaks riding through an INSANE drop!

@bjornthomle riding out penny drop. Coming this year to? #Voss #ekstremsportveko16 by @veins_of_the_earth #visitvoss #norway

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Here they go again. Eeek.

Some Myrkdalen loving. #kayaking #ekstremsportveko16 @myrkdalen #voss #norway #visitvoss

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Perfect landing if you ask me. Never mind it’s in the water…


I’ll never let go Jack!


How do they not get distracted by the view?


Ok, ok this last one isn’t extreme sports, but it is extreme love. That counts right?!


Starting in 1998, this extreme sports week festival in Voss is the biggest of its kind and truly something to enjoy. If you want a detailed look into the programs, music, activities, and a countdown till next year’s festival check out their webpage www.ekstremsportveko.com.
Featured image from- Ekstremesportveko FB page.