Have you been keeping up with the recent expansion of airlines, over seas flight price wars, and waiting for your turn to take advantage of these glorious glorious deals?

Do it! Do it now! Here’s a little recap of why now is a GREAT time to come to Norway and how to do it.

Discount airliners

Those in Europe are familiar with the like of Ryan Air and EasyJet. Australia and New Zealanders know Jetstar. Americans have Frontier Airlines and Spirit Air and Jetblue.

Discount airlines that skimp a little on comfort, legroom and snacks, but also have highly reduced prices for flights.

Whats changed? Discount transatlantic flights that are, guess what, actually comfortable.

Yes. Really. I’ve actually been on Los Angeles to Stockholm in a fabulous comfortable flight (bring your own water though) with my own entertainment system and USB charger.

Credit: McKibillo
Credit: McKibillo

Keep an eye on these

Norwegian Airlines

It started in 2013, when upstart Norwegian Air Shuttle launched service from New York City and Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm with introductory tickets under $500, round-trip. Since then, the carrier has expanded its network to include flights from Orlando, Oakland, and Los Angeles, and into London.

Wow Air

The Icelandic carrier Wow Air, is making waves with their $99 fares from Baltimore and Boston to Reykjavík. Both carriers have connecting flights throughout Europe which means if you know how to work the system you can cleverly craft your flights around. I am told there is no entertainment system on this one, so fill up your iPad or bring some books before you board.

The take away from this is that cheap flights are possible with attention to detail for their fine print conditions, and a willingness to forgo some in air snacks and movies, you’re in business.

Credit: McKibillo
Credit: McKibillo

With the exchange rates working for once in other countries favor, now is a great time to take the dream trip you’ve always wanted. The sun is shining, your wallet won’t be in pain, and the experience, well that’s priceless anyway, but it sure did get a lot more affordable.

As an extra bonus here is an article on some cost cutting tips for your holiday that are suitable for any trip but especial written for Norway.