Norway cabin holiday rental

Norwegians love cabins. It’s a thing.

This was not a concept I understood at first when coming to Norway. Yes, I am familiar with cabins. The type of loddging you stay in when you’re on holiday skiing, or out in a national park. Something cute and cozy to visit once every so often to seclude yourself from the business of everyday life.

Or so, that is my version of what cabbing is. Norwegians, take it to a whole different level.

In a time and world where everything is in done at hyper speed 24/7, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go somewhere and turn all that off? To go somewhere to slow down, hear yourself think, to hear nature. Imagine a place where instead of alarm clocks, there are sheep besides your wall. Imagine waking up after it has rained to 12 new waterfalls gushing down the mountainside greeting you as you open the door. Imagine this view, anytime of day, perfect, pristine, peaceful.

Most Norwegian families have a cabin. A property that is usually rented for long periods of time, since they do not own the land the cabin is often built on, renting is the usual method of occupying one. They can inhabit it as they like, decorate it, put in furniture, lighting, whatever they please. A home away from home.

What I think it remarkable about the cabins though, is that Norwegian families actively use them. Frequently. Almost as Americans would use a cinema room, a man cave, or an area dedicated to a hobby, Norwegains flock to their cabins to get away from it all. To get back to nature, if you will,  where it’s just you, your loved ones, possibly the family pet, and the land. What a novel thought.

We have written about the multitudes of tourist cabins ready for use for when you visit Norway. They can be found all over the land and are very simple to use. The best uses are for proximity to hikes, skiing, or just plain old relaxation. Definitely something I would check out. These rentals can often keep down the cost of a Norwegian holiday, as well as give you a different, more authentic, experience in a country so known for it’s landscape.

Throughout are pictures around the cabin I stayed at. I was lucky enough to go in both summer and fall, winter hopefully will be next. As you can see sunshine, rain, overcast, or elsewise, it is an experience to be enjoyed. You need nothing more than to simply be.



While I am aware that I might not be the best person to give you insight to this cabining custom, since I have not grown up with it, I believe I am able to comment on the appeal for precisely that reason. I, like you, have not grown up taking this underappreciated lodging for granted. I love it for exactly everything that it is and the experience it offers.


Add it to your itinerary and tell us about your favorite cabin place or story!