Travel and holidays in Norway!

Through its peaks and valleys, bending roads, tall mountains, and alongside every stunning fjord, Norway is just waiting to show off its beautiful landscape, friendly people, and surreal personality. Every place and every country has its highlights, but Norway stands out as a true gem the whole country over—just take a look at the pictures above!

Experience Norway

Activities are endless and suited for all personalities and lifestyles, for those who want to relax in luxury or adventurers who aim to travel off the beaten path, to everyone in-between. Here you can experience the Northern Lights phenomenon in the polar night, or enjoy the midnight sun in summer. You can search for polar bears in the Arctic or stay in a wooden cabin by a waterfall. Take a city trip to Oslo, a fishing trip in the North, or a skiing holiday in the mountains or even in the glaciers in summer!

Norway is a country that is sparsely populated, abundant in unspoiled nature, and surprisingly contemporary all in one. A place that has truly held onto its cultural identity and is eager to share their wonders with any visitor that comes by.

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At this website we strongly believe expense shouldn’t be a deterrent to travel, there is always a way to visit a country and enjoy its charm no matter what your budget. While the common thought is that Norway is too expensive, the fact is that most trips in Norway aren’t more expensive than trips to other European countries. With its appealing attraction, nature, being free, how you get around is completely up to you. Norway can be traveled on a shoe-string: hitchhiking and ‘couch-surfing’, on a luxurious cruise, or many options in between. This website aims to provide you with helpful tips and information on: the best destinations, how to plan your trip, getting the most for your money, and to give you the latest updates and news —all to make your holiday in Norway perfect!