This world is truly an amazing place that is no less than a magical wonderland. In every corner of the world, you will find something that will amaze you for the rest of your life leaving you wondering about its magnitude and magic. So, when you are planning your holiday this time, make sure that you choose a place that is absolutely out of this world.

Norway gives you the unique opportunity to see a lot of amazing landscapes and places. Most well known for the fjords and the mountains- Yes, we all have seen them in pictures and videos many times. But going near a glacier is an excitement that is worth a lifetime.

If you have never heard about Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Norway, be prepared to treat yourself to some amazing landscape, and stir up that wanderlust. It is truly a mesmerizing place.

The basics about the place

The best thing about the Briksdalsbreen Glacier is that it is picturesquely set between a roaring waterfall, which are 1200 meters hight, and lofty peaks. Yes, the scene is absolutely astounding and you will not regret your decision.

The glacier is well guarded by roadblocks and you can get a fantastic view from a boat ride. It is one of the most accessible glaciers that is visited by thousands every year.


Situated in Jostedalsbreen National Park this glacier can be quite a dangerous one and thus one must respect the distance and the roadblocks.Frequent avalanches are quite common and there is a lot of movement in the glacier area as well. But all these should not dampen your spirit of adventure.

Photo: -MattW-,
Photo: -MattW-,

As a note, the size of the glacier is constantly changing, so you’ll never go back to the same experience twice. Temperatures and how much rain the area gets has a lot to do with how the glacier forms. Larger or smaller than the year before, you can still be assured it is a sight not to miss.

How do you get there?

If you are in Norway it is quite easy to reach out this glacier. The glacier is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen glacier and it lies in the Briksdal Valley. This is situatined in the municipality Stryn, in Sogn og Fjordane Country.  The closest village Olden, about 16 miles north.

Getting to the glacier is easy to see the glacier and quite accessible for tourists.

Car-It is easy to get to by car, just drive up to the Briksdalsbre mountain lodge. Parking is free.

Bus– The most common bus route is leaving from Stryn to the mountain lodge. You will find this service available everyday from the 1st of June till the end of August.


When you reach the mountain lodge, you can take a ride on the Trollcars the 2.5km up and then walk the last 500 meters into Jostedalsbreen National Park,  or just walk the whole way, taking in the beautiful sights along the way.  The Troll cars operate from April till October.

The glacier terminates in a small lake called Briksdalsbrevatnet which is also a mesmerizing sight.

Things to do

Now this is interesting. It is more a question of what you cannot do?  Besides enjoying the surrounding nature, there are restaurants, souvenir shops and a counter where you can hire those Troll cars.

So, get there and enjoy the best holiday with a hot cup of coffee to keep you warm, or some wine and some snacks. You can hire the rafting boats to get a ride in the lake for up close and personal views.

Unfortunately, because of the glacial condition, it is not allowed to take a walk on the glacier. If you’re looking to experience a glacier walk, you can do have fun at the Tystigbreen Glacier, close by.

Photo: Rimante Paulauskaite,
Photo: Rimante Paulauskaite,

When to visit

The best visiting time is between April and October. Make sure to take your raincoat to avoid any unforeseen weather change. Spend the whole day enjoying this magnanimous beauty of nature and rejuvenate yourself completely.

It is needless to say that this glacier is a nature’s beauty at its best but it has also received its share of global warming and has receded quite a bit in recent years. Go see it on your next trip to Norway!

Nature is full of mystery and it unfolds new wonders constantly. Enjoy every bit of this precious moment of having a date with the Briksdalsbreen Glacier.  You can stay at the Briksdalsbre mountain lodge while visiting the glacier for an even more personal experience.

Photo: Zermie,
Photo: Zermie,