Not only has Norway contributed to modern civilization, they have had their hand in the pop culture revolution as well. While Norway has always been majestic and beautiful, it seems that within the last year there has been a rejuvenated sense of attention toward this country. I began noticing aspects of Norwegian culture permeating everything from the winter clothing styles of J.Crew, the mineral treatments at the local spa, to the attention it is getting as one of the top 10 destinations to travel in 2014 named by Lonely Planet. In short, Norway has become the new IT accessory.

Norway has always been a country that prided itself on pristine products, from apples to oil. It is a country that continues to carry on the traditions of skills mastered centuries ago, resulting in quality products. Recently, while everything seems to be mass produced and over hyped by fad culture, it is no surprise that the beautiful, simple, and quality, is being sought after. Again the country of so few in population makes a big mark on the world stage in cultural influences.

Below you will find 10 things Norway has contributed to the pop culture world


Regarded as the birth place of modern skiing. In Norwegian the word “ski” means a piece of wood and is used as a noun, not a verb. Hence “to walk on skis” would mean cross country skiing, and “to stand of skis” would translate to alpine skiing in Norway.

Extreme sports
Amazing! Photo; 极博双板滑雪俱乐部,

Bjørn Dahlie

Speaking of skiing, it is only natural that the holder of the most gold medals in winter Olympic history, naturally comes from the place they invented skiing.

Edvard Munch

Famous painter, most notably known for his work ‘The Scream

Star Wars was shot in Norway

In the Empire Strikes Back (episode V), the planet Hoth was filmed in Finse, near the Olso- Bergen railway, in March 1979. Many Norwegians stood in as extras for those scenes.


Magnus Carlsen

Chess prodigy who was ranked the top player in the world, with a rating of 2872, in February of 2013, which was the highest rating in the history of the game.

Nobel Peace Prize

Annually award in Olso since 1901, for outstading work in making or keeping peace. It might have something to do with that fact that Norway is such a peaceful country. The King even attends this ceremony!

Voss water

Hollywood celebrities and night clubs world wide choice of water comes from the Voss region of Norway where you can do Norway in a Nutshell.


Originally used to refer to pirates, seaborne warriors or seamen of any origin, the stories of fearless fighters have permeated society though legends and motion pictures, such as Eric the Red and Hägar the Horrible. Sadly, it is now known that Vikings didn’t wear helmets with horns as often depicted, but that’s not going to stop me from buying them anyway and pretend plundering towns.



The famous producers behind music from Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears and much of today’s popular artists.

Roald Amundsen

Polar explorer. He was the first person to reach the South Pole and the first seaman to traverse the Northwest Passage.

From water to icy planets, from peace prizes to fearless sea warriors, Norway’s culture has play a big part, and commanded a wide reach, around the world. Not to mention they’ve also can claim credit for quite a few inventions you can read about here. We’ve all appreciated these contributions, now it’s time for you to visit this incredibly unique country and see where all this comes from!

Do you know of any other contributions? What’s your favorite?