Photo: Jo Bjørnar Hausnes

Norway’s fjords are the thing dreams are made of.

They’re constantly at the top of the bucket list. The #1 spot on National Geographic’s destinations.
Fjords are nature’s gift to us. Here are  21 delightful views to get you working on making those dreams come true.

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Photo: Andrew H. Brown

Did you know there are over 1190 fjords in Norway? I don’t know who had the time to go count them all, but I imagine that was quite a rewarding job.

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Photo: Per Eide
Photo: Laurent Tognetti

There has always been debate over which fjord is the best one. You can find the list of the top 5 most beautiful norwegian fjords for in detailed information about where they are located and how to visit them.

Photo: Sören Schaper

Photo: Malcolim-Bull
Photo: Malcolim-Bull


One of the prettiest and easiest ones to get to is Sognefjorden, the 2nd longest fjord in the world measuring 203km. It just so happens to be right outside the city of Stavanger and can be enjoyed by cruise or hiking the iconic Pulpit Rock. See the next picture below for an idea of the view.

Photo: Kilian Schönberger
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There are so many to see and just not enough time. I could visit Norway 100 times and still be in awe at the beauty of these places. If you’re just starting out, might I suggest Bergen as your base. A beautiful city, the best access to the Western Fjord region, and amazing music and food and UNESCO sights to keep you busy on your down time.

What are you waiting for?!