Video: Tall Ship Races in Stavanger


Watch night fall, the buildings light up, and the harbor putting on a fantastic music and lights show to celebrate the Tall Ships Race in Stavanger from 2011.

Taken from the SKAGEN Funds office viewpoint in Stavanger, the time-lapse video above really shows you the daily ins and outs of one the biggest cities in Norway.

You not only get to see the hustle and bustle of people driving the city, but an absolutely stunning compilation of nightfall, billowy clouds, emerging sun, and big tall moving ships.

Photo: Alberto Abouganem Stephens
Photo: Alberto Abouganem Stephens

Norway has such a grand reputation but I always forget it’s population is quite small, being just a bit over 5 million. Having just been there for the National Day celebration I kept being reminded everything is scaled down people wise, but never disappointing, Norway puts on festivals and events that rival the biggest metropolitan areas.

The next time Stavanger is hosting the Tall Ships race is in 2018.

Hope you enjoy!