Surfing and exploring Bjørnøya (Bear Island)


The quest for the perfect wave has taken people all over the world, from Hawaii to Australia. It is a quest not just for a wave, but a place that challenges, that begs to be conquered, that needs to be explored.

This destination: the remote Norwegian island of Bjørnøya near Svalbard.

Lugging all their gear: a surfboard, snowboard, paraglider and other essentials, three brothers set out to see what Bjørnøya holds in store for them. What they find, much to their delight is a worthy adversary with ice-cold waves and precipitous slopes, a challenge they meet head on.

For us who are less fond of the cold and slightly lacking in balance or the desire to jump of cliffs, we get the chance to join in on the excitement of shredding arctic snow, skillful preparations, and beautiful aerial scenery from parachuting here through their adventures.