It has always been a dream of mine to see the Aurora Borealis if only I could get the timing down right. March is one of the last months the world experiences this phenomenon for the season but it is arguably the best month to see the lights. Conditions are better, the sky is clear, the air is crisp, the lights are invited out to play and boy are they going out with a bang!

The following photos were taken Friday, 14 March 2015 by Petter Brenni Gulbrandsen. He stepped outside on deck of the KV “Harstad”, doing Navy drills in Tanafjord and despite the waves and motions of the sea, made out with some spectacular pictures!


lights 2

Lights 3

The photographer is not entirely pleased with these photos as he says he was forced to alter camera adjustments to less than ideal settings for capturing the lights to accommodate for the rocking of the boat. Personally, I would think I would be so in awe of the sight I would forget to even take pictures!

Lights 5

Lights 4


Almost morning

Quick as they grace us with their presence: the weather changes, the morning light comes up, and they’re gone leaving you mystified and awed knowing you have just witnessed nature’s magic show.

Bye Bye LIghts

So what do you think are you convinced to join the race for Northern Lights next year? I definitely will be figuring out how to get up North and try my luck.

To help you time your visit, check out this cool Northern Lights forecast app, using real-time data from NASA’s ACE Spacecraft:

Happy hunting!

The source of the pictures can be found here. Please note the information is in Norwegian.