Whales Within Reach in This Safari Excusrion


Tromsø is a special city. Not only is it the gateway to the Artic, lying above the arctic circle itself, it also one of the best places in Norway, and the world, to see the Northern Lights.

While not a big city, it offers a lot of expeditions, lively atmosphere, and beautiful old wooden houses that preserve Norwegian culture.

Whale watching safaris are one of the best adventures to kind of hit a lot of those iconic things to do in Norway. You’ll be in the Artic, on a cruise, seeing animals, and having some of the best views of fjords.


Oh, and you can also eat whale. Which is delicious. It is not illegal in Norway, as it is regulated, and is a nice unique tasty treat for anyone interested. Often times, cruises also offer salmon or other alternatives as well.