Who are we?

Jessica Tran 

Porto bridges
Taking in the view in Porto, Portugal.

Born and raised in Orange Country, California, USA. Having graduated with studies emphasized in Criminology, Management, and Psychology, I was talked into taking an extended backpacking holiday around the world before applying for graduate school. From that moment on, the travel bug bite me, and I have not stopped exploring since.

I’ve been to over 53 countries in 6 continents, and am always looking how I can fit in another adventure. I’ve toured Europe on the Eurail, backpacked in India, explored the States in a car, and moseyed slowly through the humidity of Asia. I’ve gotten lost more times than I can count, learned just how much the simplest kind gesture can mean, and have given up worrying about wrinkles because I have laughed far too much to be able to hide them in the future.

From event planning on luxury cruises, organizing tours in Egypt, to selling jerk chicken on the side of the road in Jamaica, I have a host of experiences and avant-garde thinking that can help work through any situation that arises or needs catering to.


Even Tobiesen 

Sunset in Mexico
Sunset in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Even is a drilling fluids engineer turned adventurer when he is not stuck out at sea for weeks on end. He was raised and studied petroleum engineering in Stavanger, Norway, and recently started his position as a mud engineer based in the North Sea.

In his spare time he has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and is always tinkering with new projects or learning new skills. Growing up hearing stories of his grandparents’ expeditions, he was lured by the different places on the map and all the adventures to be had in between. Not someone to be timid, his first solo trip lead him to Africa straight for the animals of Kenya and gorilla hiking in Uganda and Rwanda.

Even’s specialty are his grand ideas. He has a unique outlook on life and situations that are not limited by what people say can and can’t be done. If something fascinates him, he will focus and find a solution to make it happen.

The short, the sweet and the random.

We met while we both happened to be traveling in Israel by chance. Even originally intended to go see Petra in Jordan, and I was planning on enjoying some sweet tea in Charleston, South Carolina. As fate would have it we both got on planes and ended up in Jerusalem. We met, spent the rest of the 3 days in the country exploring it separately but meeting up in between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv when we could, and then flew home.

As a surprise, Even came and visited California the next year. He says it was to surprise me, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was just to get away from the cold winter in Norway for some California sunshine. I then flew to Norway in summer and we went on a road trip through southern Norway. Between more random trips and uncomfortably long plane fights, we now have just recently moved to Barcelona.

Flam Railway fjords
Norway fun.

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We both love to travel and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to do so to take it. Travel lets you explore places and realities you never knew existed, it makes you aware of the world beyond your immediate surroundings, and it proves just how capable you are at adapting to new situations. Travel is anything you want it to be, it is a gift to yourself that should be gifted often and without hesitation. The best time to travel is now. Let us help you explore!