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Sunday, December 10, 2017

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Blowing the Competition Away at Voss’s Wind Tunnel

Hanging around in the Vind Tunnel is Voss is no easy task, but this this team is taking the challenge well in their free...
long-boarding stalheimskleiva

Stalheimskleiva – The Steepest Road in Northern Europe

Driving enthusiastic rejoice; Norway is your haven. The roads in this country have everything you could ever want: they are well paved, weave around...

See Pulpit Rock Now Before it gets Overrun with Tourist

Preikestolen, Prekestolen, Pulplit Rock, whatever you call it, it is one of our favorite places in the world and on this site.We have pictures,...

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The Midnight Sun Brightening up The Arctic in Lofoten

There is not too much for me to say about this one. This video is my personal best of the best of what I...

Jump off Cliffs 8,000 feet Above the Fjords

Usually when I think of jumping off of something, I immediately stop and have a mini panic attack. That might just be me because...

Cast a Line in Telemark- Trout Capital of Norway

Fishing has always played such a large part in Norwegian culture.From the beautiful Lofoten Islands, sustained by being the cod capital of the world,...