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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Trip ideas

See the Racing Reindeer in Tromsø

Only in quirky Norway would there be a whole, yearly, widely popular race dedicated to reindeer.Cross country skiing for the lazy. #reindeerraces A photo posted...

See Pulpit Rock Now Before it gets Overrun with Tourist

Preikestolen, Prekestolen, Pulplit Rock, whatever you call it, it is one of our favorite places in the world and on this site.We have pictures,...

The Epic Ski Locations from the Country that Invented Skiing

Yes, you head me say it, Norwegians invented skiing. Maybe you already know, maybe I should have known. Not sure why this was a...

Travel guides


See Norway’s Largest Remaining Viking Church- Heddal

This is the biggest medieval stave church that remains in Norway and it's a beauty!As a surprise detour on a roadtrip through some of...

10 Customs to Consider When you are Visiting Norway

It is my opinion that coming to a country empty of any preconceptions allow you to be wowed by its charm more so than...

Bergen — The Capital of Western Norway

Imagine a buzzing lively city, set perfectly at the foot on 7 hills, 7 fjords, a wonderful fish market at the end of a...