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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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The ancient Heddal stave church in Norway

Stave Churches – Remnants of The Middle Age

Stave churches are integrated into Norwegian heritage and one of the main symbols of Norway, falling behind its stunning fjords and mountains. Before going...

The Spectacular Vøringsfossen Waterfalls

Vøringfossen is not the highest waterfall in Norway -- in fact it's not even on the top 20. However, it's by far one of...

Check out the Beauty of Røros a UNESCO Designated City

We don't have an article to link to this city destination just yet, but we're happy to get started on one!With so many beautiful...

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Find Your Fishing Paradise in Northern Norway

Millions of fish are waiting for you.No seriously. Norway has always been known for their fish, mostly the famous Norwegian salmon that is a...

Visiting With our Neighbour Mr. Polar Bear

Up in Northern Norway, past the article circle and close to the North Pole lies the kingdom of ice and polar bears.A beautiful place...

Where to Stay in Oslo?

 Like any big city, Oslo offers a wide range of accommodation for all groups of travelers: backpackers, campers, business travelers, senior travelers and families.Norway...