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Trip ideas

The barcode waterfront, seen from the top of the Oslo Opera House

The Top Buildings and Architectural Sites to Visit in Oslo

The architecture in Oslo, especially downtown, may at first appear a bit "dull", compared to what you find in Copenhagen or Stockholm, but if...

Trollstigen: One of the World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Trollstigen or Troll's Ladder, as it is translated, is a sight to be seen.Not as nimble as the trolls that protect the country, us...

Dog sledding in Tromsø

Did you know that you can go dog sledding in some of the best nature Norhtern Norway has to offer -- just 20 minutes...

Travel guides

Flam Railway

The Flåm Railway – a Masterpiece of Engineering and Scenery

The Flåm railway—many people call it the most beautiful train ride in the world.Travelers from all corners of the world come to Norway to...

Living between a rock and a hard place

Not to far from Stavanger, in the Jøssingfjord, you can visit these intriguing houses built in the late 1700s.Once you are done looking at the...

Ice Climbing- Conquering Rjukan one Hook at a Time

Maybe it's because I am not of Viking blood, but I can tell you there is no way you you can convince me that...