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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Live on the Edge – Pictures of Preikestolen

In a few months Norway embraces the sun, spring is in full bloom, the snow melts away, and I am headed to Norway to...
Geirangerfjord Norway

The Top 5 Most Beautiful Norwegian Fjords

Ok, let’s face it; you came to Norway to see some Fjords.You've been lured by some perfect picture in a postcard, a magazine, off...

Top things to make the most of Summer in Norway

Summer is coming closer and closer and what better way to enjoy it than romping around Norway's fantastic sights!National Geographic put together a top...

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On the ledge of the pulpit rock

Top Hikes: The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)

The pulpit rock is for many people the very embodiment of how mountains and fjords should come together in Norway. It is THE picture...

Can you Hang On Through These Rapids?

Look at them go!Norwegians aren't the only ones taking advantage of the beautiful nature this country has to offer. Known as the sports capital...

Besseggen – a Secret Gem Worth Finding

The Besseggen Ridge in the Jotunheimen Mountains is considered one of the best and most thrilling hikes in the world by National Geographic (2014)...