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Photo: Siegfried-Rabanser, Flickr.com

The Lofoten Archipelago

Replace the vast barrenness of snow and cold you usually associate with the arctic, instead envision with the most gorgeous, awe inspiring, rugged mountain … [Read More...]

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Photo: Ronny Randen

The Road To Kjerag Opens Today

Come one come all! Head on down to Kjeragboten! The roads officially open today to this very famous boulder located in the Kjerag mountain in Rogaland, Norway. The road was previously closed in winter … [Read More...]

Photo: Jo Bjørnar Hausnes

Wide Wonderful World of Fjords

Norway's fjords are the thing dreams are made of. They're constantly at the top of the bucket list. The #1 spot on National Geographic's destinations. Fjords are nature's gift to us. Here are  21 … [Read More...]

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Photo: Sorrisniva website

Ice and Snow Hotels in Norway

Ice hotels are all the rage. I know it doesn’t immediately sound appealing. To sleep in a, literally, freezing environment, somewhere you usually have to travel out of your way to get to, all to … [Read More...]


Cabin it Like a Local!

Norwegians love cabins. It’s a thing. This was not a concept I understood at first when coming to Norway. Yes, I am familiar with cabins. The type of loddging you stay in when you’re on holiday … [Read More...]