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The islands are waiting for you. Photo: Siegfried-Rabanser, Flickr.com

The Lofoten Archipelago

Replace the vast barrenness of snow and cold you usually associate with the arctic, instead envision with the most gorgeous, awe inspiring, rugged mountain … [Read More...]

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Light up the sky

Real Time Northern Lights. RIGHT NOW!

It has always been a dream of mine to see the Aurora Borealis if only I could get the timing down right. March is one of the last months the world experiences this phenomenon for the season but it is … [Read More...]

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Photo: Sorrisniva website

Ice and Snow Hotels in Norway

Ice hotels are all the rage. I know it doesn’t immediately sound appealing. To sleep in a, literally, freezing environment, somewhere you usually have to travel out of your way to get to, all to … [Read More...]


Cabin it Like a Local!

Norwegians love cabins. It’s a thing. This was not a concept I understood at first when coming to Norway. Yes, I am familiar with cabins. The type of loddging you stay in when you’re on holiday … [Read More...]